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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Let me give you an example of how blogging can increase and boost your online visual index. First, readers are online and the more you expose your writing, blogs, articles, etc. the more people will view. This boost you index on google and other areas, as people read many will comment giving you basic ratings. Take for instance, when I go to view your site I'll extend and either follow you or give you some feedback. Many times when others stop by they tend to read the comments as well. Whenever someone is searching for a particular niche or topic, those key words that you use to direct individuals to your site will also give you more exposure. I've also found over the years, the more you visit other sites and share comments or follow other, the more people are apt to take a look at what you are doing. Keep sharing, writing, reading and see how much more your own work will be viewed. Continue to make your presence known, people love to read and enjoy good writing. Also stop by and share your blog with us, we'd appreciate your presence. Have fun blogging, to your success.